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About CNX Institute™

The CNX Institute was established in 2016 by CoNetrix, LLC with the purpose to provide educational resources on the regulatory guidance and standards for specific industries. CoNetrix began serving the financial industry in the 1990s by providing computer networking and support, information security testing, and assistance with regulatory compliance. CoNetrix has conducted over 2,000 information security audits, assessments, and penetration testing engagements and consulted or served more than 1,000 financial institutions across the United States.

In 2016, CoNetrix discovered a need for general training on the regulations governing the financial industry. With the vast experience and knowledge, we have gained by serving financial institutions over the past two decades, working closely with institutions and examiners, we feel we are in a unique position to develop this great education program.

Using CoNetrix security experts as resources, we have defined and developed a program that will guide financial institutions through understanding the information security standards and regulatory guidance or requirements that are expected of them. We are leveraging our relationships with examiners and clients in order to provide the most accurate, helpful, and educational content.